Security Lighting Installation

Security lighting is the number one crime deterrent and Martella Electric has a long history of protecting homes and businesses with a variety of different security lights. Simple and effective, home security lighting can be used across your property to discourage intruders from selecting your home as their next target.

Eliminating darkness around entryways and removing obscured routes to your home, outdoor security lighting will force burglars to move on to an easier target. And if that’s not enough, a set of timed interior security lights will create the impression of an occupied property that no thief wants to deal with. When you want to protect your family, possessions and home, the installation of security lighting should be among one of your first considerations.

Martella’s Approach to Security Lighting

No matter where you live or the types of features unique to your property, Martella Electric can develop a comprehensive security lighting solution for you. Our approach to security is much more than just installing motion triggered security lights next to your front door; we look at the entire property to carefully assess the areas of greatest concern and address them accordingly.

Typically, we look at the following areas:

  • Outdoor Security Lighting – Time and time again, exterior security lighting has proven to be a valuable deterrent to criminals looking for an easy target. Eliminating hiding places and maximizing visibility, exterior lights make intruders feel vulnerable and insecure. However, to maximize the amount of protection, Martella will look at the entire property to develop a security lighting plan that considers the following areas of greatest concern:
  • Entrances – Eliminating the possibility that anyone can approach entrances unseen is of primary importance when we assess any home’s outdoor security lighting. Careful placement of lighting fixtures as well as the use of motion sensor triggered lighting is the first place Martella Electric looks to immediately improve security.
  • Trees & Shrubbery – The size, density and positioning of plantings adjacent to the house are another primary area of concern. Our goal is to eliminate these areas as hiding places with security lights that will be functional, yet attractive.
  • Interior Security Lighting – While often overlooked, security lights inside the home can dramatically improve security, safety and convenience in the following ways:
  • Simulate Occupancy – A home’s exterior is not the only factor considered when thieves assess their targets, so Martella Electric considers the use of timed interior security lighting to simulate occupancy. Multiple fixtures scheduled to operate independently will create the impression that residents are present to discourage intrusions.
  • Brighten Dimly Lit Areas – Hazards around the home exist in the form of poorly lit basements, supply closets and laundry rooms where tripping hazards are present. Through the use of motion sensitive fixtures, Martella has made areas like these safer for residents.
    Reduce Electricity Expenses – Motion activated fixtures are excellent for both interior security lighting and saving money. Eliminating the need to turn off the lights, timed motion-sensitive lighting fixtures automatically shut off lights and save money.

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