Recessed Lighting Installation

Give your home a dramatic new look with a contemporary lighting makeover by Martella Electric. Subtle and inconspicuous, flush mount ceiling lights will give any room a clean, uncluttered appearance and we are experts in recessed lighting installation. No matter whether you’d like to brighten a single room or an entire house, we can install your lighting quickly and efficiently. Contact Martella Electric to learn more about how we can help you transform your home with contemporary lighting fixtures using LED and halogen light bulbs.

Multiple Uses for Recessed Lighting

It’s hard to believe how much of an impact modern lighting can have on a home, but at Martella Electric we make it happen every day. Not only can upgrades like this including light dimmers improve functionality, but also create an inviting atmosphere. If you’re considering the installation of flush mounted, you’ll find that the specific fixtures can be selected based on their intended use:

Ambient Lighting – General lighting for work or play, Ambient lighting provides general illumination and makes a room more welcoming by eliminating strong dark-light contrasts. Normally, recessed fixtures are combined with other light sources to light a space.

Task Lighting – Intended for a specific purpose, Task lighting provides focused light for specific activities like reading, sewing or any number of other tasks. Many homeowners in our region have contacted us to install recessed lighting in Kitchens to make cooking easier.

Accent Lighting – Giving you the ability to highlight areas of interest, Accent lighting provides focused light for family photos, artwork or prominent architectural components. At Martella Electric, we most commonly install recessed lighting in rooms including dining rooms, living rooms and dens.

If you’re interested in improving the way your home looks, feels and functions, contact Martella Electric for help with recessed lighting installation.

Popular Recessed Lighting Trims

When selecting the right recessed ceiling lights for your home, let Martella Electric’s educated staff help you choose fixtures that will perform well and look good. Frequently appearance is among the most important qualities among our clients and some of the most popular recessed lighting trims we install include:

Baffle Trim – Among the most popular of all recessed lighting trims, the Baffled trim is a good choice for living spaces like living rooms, dining room and dens. Featuring large uniform grooves designed to absorb excess light, Baffles reduce glare and are typically available in black or white.

Reflector Trim – Offering an increased amount of light, Reflector trims are our preferred choice for use in kitchens, rooms with high ceilings and commercial applications. In addition these trims are available in several configurations for specific requirements, like obscuring the bulb or warming a room.

Adjustable Trim – Functional for a number of applications, Adjustable trims can be used for general, task and accent lighting. Featuring a “floating” bulb, this type of trim gives homeowners the ability to shift the focus of the light.

Lensed Trim – Lensed trims use a covering, or lens, to protect the interior of the housing from moisture. Needless to say, we most commonly install recessed lighting using Lensed trims in damp locations like bathrooms, showers and eaves.

Decorative Trim – Having become increasingly popular in recent years, Decorative trims are intended to be more of a decorative component than other trims. Using a low voltage halogen bulb, these trims are both attractive and functional.

If you’re interested in upgrading the lighting in your home, contact Martella Electric for help in recessed lighting selection and installation.

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