Motion Sensor Light Installation

No matter whether you’re interested in upgrading your home lighting or improving your business location, Martella Electric can help with the installation of motion detector lights. An excellent option to improve both indoor and outdoor security is a well-placed motion activated light. It can make the surrounding area more comfortable and pleasant. Moreover, the use of indoor motion lights can help you achieve dramatic savings while ensuring that light is available when you need it most.

Benefits of Motion Sensor Lights

With decades of experience, Martella Electric has found that pairing motion sensors with various lighting treatments have a wide range of benefits. While many people typically find that motion sensor lights make any area more pleasant, few would disagree with the other benefits they offer, including:

  • Convenience – How many times have you struggled to find the light switch in a dimly lit room? With the installation of motion detector switches this struggle will be a thing of the past. Since most people don’t want to unnecessarily waste money, traditional lighting fixtures are turned off when not in use, but motion sensor switches will detect movement in an area and automatically activate a connected lighting fixture. So entering the kitchen with an armful of groceries or a dark area when taking out the trash will no longer be an inconvenient hassle with the use of a motion sensor switches.
  • Safety – Nobody can argue that fewer accidents occur in a well lit area and motion sensitive switches make every area safer. Basements, garages and utility rooms often have a variety of tripping hazards such as tools, buckets and other household supplies, so a strategically placed sensor switches will eliminate hazards. It’s easy to make homes and business safer with them.
  • Security – Whether outdoors or indoors, security is the first benefit many think of when considering motion detector lights. Layout, shrubbery and architectural features across a property create blind spots that intruders value and outdoor motion sensor lights will eliminate. Inside, motion sensitive lighting can be used in a similar fashion to track visitors or alert you to the presence of someone else. Installing them on your property will definitely leave you feeling much more secure.

Common Placements for Motion Lights

With an almost unlimited number of locations for the placement of motion lights, Martella Electric relies on our knowledge and expertise to identify locations that will provide the best combination of security, safety and convenience. Small devices that detect infrared energy, sensors must be placed carefully to ensure the best possible field of vision while avoiding accidental activations. Furthermore, detectors can be placed individually to trigger lights in adjacent areas or be an integrated component with a motion detector light. Among the most popular locations include:

  • Entry Ways – Areas adjacent to doors and windows are the most common locations for sensor lights. Not only do they help passersby see a potential intruder, but improved lighting helps occupants see burglars before a break-in. Furthermore, the placement of an outdoor motion lights adjacent to the garage offers a warning that someone may be in the area before opening the garage door.
  • Obscured Areas – Trees, plantings and architectural features around a building offer made-to-order hiding places for burglars, so the proper placement of an outdoor motion detectors can provide an advanced warning that an intruder may be on the property. At Martella, we frequently find that the placement of one or two motion sensors in strategic areas on the property can effectively remove these hiding places.
  • Driveways and Walkways – Among the most common approaches to a property, driveways and walkways are excellent locations for the placement of motion detector lights. Through the use of wireless or wired detectors, property owners can easily detect those approaching the property from both a security and safety perspective. As a result, outside pathways are a popular location for the placement of outdoor motion sensor fixtures.

When you want to improve the security, safety and convenience of your home or business, Martella Electric has the knowledge and expertise to help you. Our professional electricians will help you identify the best approach to secure your property for the utmost in security and comfort. Contact us today to learn more about the installation of motion detector lights.

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