Landscape Lighting Installation

If you’d like to upgrade the external appearance and security of your home or business, Martella Electric can help with the installation of landscape lighting. Incredibly versatile, exterior lighting can be used across your property to improve curb appeal, highlight areas of interest, illuminate walkways and discourage unwanted intruders. Whatever your application, Martella Electric has the experience and expertise to help you transform your property from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Building Exterior Lighting

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to beautify your home and make it more secure is the installation of exterior lighting. Offering the opportunity to highlight areas of interest, outdoor lighting systems open up a variety of creative possibilities to produce an eye catching effect you’ll love and your neighbors will envy. Moreover, the selective addition of light in darker areas around your home will eliminate the hiding areas for potential intruders. Martella Electric has installed countless landscape lighting systems and we can help you create and construct a custom exterior lighting system for your home.

Patios and decks are an extension of every home’s living space, so let Martella Electric help you get the most from your space by installing deck lighting today. No matter whether you’re entertaining, grilling or just relaxing outside, proper exterior lighting can create the type of unique atmosphere that everyone will enjoy. Among the many types of patio & deck lighting we’ve installed, some of the most popular types include:

Step Lighting – Illuminating the steps across your patio and deck, step lighting will prevent any missteps, and allow family and guests to navigate the area safely.

Task Lighting – Intended to light areas where specific activities are performed, exterior task lighting is ideal for areas used for outdoor grilling or food preparation.

Atmosphere Lighting – Ranging from the dramatic to subtle, patio lighting can transform a seemingly uninteresting space into an area that you’ll enjoy. Using a home’s architecture, available landscaping and our expertise, Martella Electric can help you transform your deck or patio.

Garden & Landscape Lighting

Bring out the beauty of your property with garden and landscape lights installed by Martella Electric. Transcend the ordinary by creating an exterior lighting system that will make your home stand out from the rest by highlighting the surrounding landscape. Leveraging lighting techniques including Downlighting, Uplighting and Transverse lighting, Martella Electric has successfully used a variety of approaches that have delivered stunning results, including:

Spotlighting – Highlighting interesting architectural elements around the property using landscape lights with a focused beam of light. Typically, the best results are achieved when the fixture is mounted overhead to minimize glare.

Silhouetting – Emphasizing the structure of trees and other landscaping, garden lights are placed between the plantings and a vertical surface to create a silhouette that delivers dramatic results. This is particularly effective to emphasize shapes.

Shadowing – Casting a shadow onto a vertical surface of the home, Shadowing employs landscape lights placed directly in front of the subject. This technique is particularly interesting when used in conjunction with plantings that have a unique branch structure.
Grazing – Particularly stunning when used with textured vertical surfaces, Grazing employs the placement of garden lights with six to eight inches of a façade and aiming directly upward. This produces dramatic shadows and works well with stone, brick retaining walls, privacy fences and other vertical surfaces.

Tree Lighting – Emphasizing the beauty of trees on the property, Tree Lighting often involves the placement of landscape lights at the base of the trunk to highlight foliage in warmer months and branches during the winter.

Path Lighting – Both useful and aesthetically pleasing, Path Lighting creates an attractive symmetrical patter of light for navigation across the property. Moreover, with a variety of different fixtures available we’ve created an almost unlimited number of looks.

If you’re interested in improving the appearance and security of your home or business, contact Martella Electric for help with your landscape lighting installation.

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