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Everyone would like to live safely and comfortably in their home, but if you live in an older house your electrical system may not be up to today’s codes. While past standards may have been adequate at the time of construction, the demands on today’s electrical wiring are much different. Appliances and electronics typically require greater capacity and many find that their home electrical systems are pushed to the limit. Moreover, miscellaneous additions and poorly handled electrical repairs can quickly combine to make a normally safe electrical system hazardous. If you’d like to improve the convenience and safety of your home, Martella Electric can help with our residential wiring services. No matter if you need complete or partial home rewiring, call Martella for help.

When House Rewiring Might Be Needed

Just because you may have an older house doesn’t mean that it requires rewiring, but you can make your home dramatically more livable while improving safety by rewiring a house. Often it can be difficult to determine whether your home could benefit from upgraded electrical wiring, so look for these signs:

  • Electrical Fuses Blow Regularly
  • Excessive Use of Extension Cords
  • Poor Lighting Due to Inadequate Fixtures
  • Electrical Plugs or Sockets Get Hot
  • Electrical Plugs or Sockets Have Scorch Marks
  • Mixed Modern & Dated Wiring
  • Ungrounded Electrical System (Knob & Tube)

Although your electrical wiring system is designed for years of use, deterioration and a change in demands can prompt the need for wiring repairs. Contact us to help you determine whether you need a simple repair or a completely new home wiring system.

What’s Involved in Rewiring a House?

The electrical wiring system of every house can be different, so it can be difficult to fully understand what needs to be done until a thorough inspection is performed and the homeowner’s needs are assessed. Typically there are two types of home rewiring projects:

Partial Home Rewiring – A partial home rewiring focuses on the upgrade or replacement of a portion of your existing electrical system. Typically this includes upgrading existing fuse boxes, fittings or cables to improve efficiency and meet the required standards.

Total Home Rewiring – A full rewiring of a home electrical system is much more involved than a partial rewire; it focuses on the replacement of the entire electrical system and often requires accessing house wiring by opening walls, ceilings and other areas that commonly contain electrical components. If we cut a hole to rewire, we will repair it.

Although there’s no way to anticipate the level of rewiring that may be required at your home, you can rest assured that Martella Electric will approach your project methodically to give you a complete understanding of what’s involved. The steps in our process include:

  • Complete Interview Covering Existing Problems & Goals
  • Thorough Inspection of Electric Panel & Electrical System
  • Develop a Plan & Provide an Estimate
  • Perform the Necessary Work
  • Maintain Client Communication Throughout the Entire Process
  • Completely Test All Work Performed

Home Rewiring: 3 Common Applications

There are a wide range of situations that may require improving or upgrading home electrical wiring, however three of the most common reasons to replace home wiring include:

Upgrading Electrical Service – Home wiring is designed to meet the requirements of the typical home at the time of construction, however over time a family’s use of electricity has increased dramatically. Typically 100 amp service has been sufficient for most homes, however with the introduction of new electronics and appliances more power is needed. As a result, an upgrade of the home wiring is required.

Remodeling or Renovating – When renovating a kitchen or finishing a basement, rewiring those areas makes a great deal of sense. Typically most renovations will involve the installation of new appliances or electronics that will place a much greater demand on your home’s electrical wiring, so partially rewiring the remodeled area will ensure everything functions correctly. In addition, making upgrades to the electrical system while walls, floors and ceilings are easily accessible makes these types of improvements much easier and less expensive.

Repair Home Damage – Unfortunately, there are many types of damage that require home rewiring. In our service area of Southeastern Pennsylvania, the most common types of damage that requires repair up to and including home rewiring are:

  • Flooding
  • Fire Damage
  • Power Surges
  • Lightning Strikes

Benefits of Rewiring a House

No matter the reason for rewiring your house, you can be confident that there are at least three major benefits. They include:

Improved Safety – Rewiring your house will dramatically improve the safety of your family by removing hazards that could cause fire or accidental electrocution. Piecemeal electrical wiring is found in many older homes and most experienced electricians acknowledge that this can lead to a hazardous situation. Moreover, a non-grounded electrical system can lead to an unsafe condition.

Comfort & Convenience – Everyone wants to enjoy where they live and this includes the ability to enjoy modern conveniences. Whether it’s the placement of a new outlet, the availability of electricity outside on the porch or the installation of proper lighting in the kitchen, home rewiring will dramatically improve the way you enjoy your home.

Resale Value – An older home that has been completely rewired is more valuable than those with older legacy wiring. Eliminating a potential drawback, a newly installed home wiring system offers an edge to any homeowner interested in selling their home when competing with other homes in the area for the same buyer.

Regardless of the condition of your home’s electrical system, Martella Electric has over 50 years of experience in electrical wiring and repairs. Whether you need a complete home rewiring, a partial rewire or simply a repair, you can rest assured that our staff is courteous, professional and will treat you with respect. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you improve the safety of your home and family.

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