Exhaust Fan Installation

Dramatically improve the atmosphere of any room with exhaust fans installed by Martella Electric. Today’s modern houses are virtually air tight, trapping stale air, moisture and unpleasant odors, so homeowners that want a clean, comfortable environment find that a fan is an excellent option. In addition to comfort, improved ventilation can dramatically reduce the severity of allergies, reduce property-related damage and cut down the growth of mold as well as mildew. If you want to improve the livability of your home, contact Martella Electric for options.

Popular Applications

Exhaust fans can be used in every room of your house and at Martella Electric we have extensive experience in the installation of every kind. Among the most popular are:

  • Kitchen Exhaust Fans – Preparing food can generate a substantial volume of smoke, moisture and odor, so kitchen fans are often considered an indispensible addition. Since many families treat the kitchen and adjoining areas as living spaces, exterior-vented fans are the ideal solution to remove the unavoidable smells inherent in any kitchen. Whether you need to replace a non-ducted vent hood or install a new fan, Martella Electric is ready to help.
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans – Maintaining a pleasant environment in the bathroom often requires the installation of exhaust fans to keep surfaces dry and the air fresh. At Martella Electric we install a range of fans designed to make your bath much more enjoyable. Some of the most popular locations for these include:
  • Shower – Placing a fan in the shower will immediately remove the steam generated from bathing, minimizing moisture and prevent mildew.
  • Mirror – Fogged mirrors can be aggravating while bathing, so locating a fan above the mirror will ensure that it stays clear and ready for use.
  • Toilet – Keep the air clean and fresh in powder rooms and full baths by placing exhaust fans above toilets to immediately expel unpleasant odors.

Garage & Workshop Exhaust Fans – Just because you’re working on a car or pursuing a hobby doesn’t mean that you need to be uncomfortable. Martella Electric can help you keep the atmosphere in your garage or workshop clean and fresh by installing wall exhaust fans to eliminate smoke and fumes from your garage or workshop. Whatever your application, we can recommend the perfect ventilation system to keep you comfortable.

Ventilation Systems: Extending the Life of Your Home

In addition to exhaust fans for the many living areas of the home, Martella Electric can also install larger systems to help you maintain the overall health of your home. Among the most popular forms of whole home exhaust fans include:

Attic Fans – Designed to help reduce the overall temperature of a home and expel stagnant air, attic exhaust fans can be an excellent compliment to an existing cooling system. In addition, proper ventilation during colder months can eliminate hot spots on the roof and prevent ice dams.

Crawl Space Fans – For homes in areas with moist soil, crawl space exhaust fans are an excellent way to eliminate dampness and a host of other moisture related problems. Damp environments can invite pests, wood deterioration and musty odors, so the installation of crawl space fans will improve the health and life of your home.

No matter what room or area of your house that can benefit from improved ventilation, Martella Electric can help you by installing a wide range of exhaust fans and ventilation systems. Contact us to learn about how we can help you get greater enjoyment from your home.

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