Electrical Service Upgrades

Electricity keeps your house running and it’s easy to take your electrical service for granted, until you lose power. Everyone understands the inconvenience that occurs due to an occasional storm or blackout, but what if those situations occur on a regular basis? At Martella Electric we can prevent this from occurring by upgrading the electrical service to your business or home.

Benefits of an Electrical Service Upgrade

Whether you experience regular or intermittent problems with your electrical service, there are a wide range of problems that can be solved with a service upgrade. Typically older circuit breakers can fail to protect an overloaded circuit when they don’t trip correctly and allow damage to occur. Furthermore, heat can build up during a lengthy overload episode and overtaxed wiring can result in damage not to mention fire. Therefore upgrading a dated electrical system can not only prevent problems and protect property but also preserve the safety of family or employees.

Aside from the safety issue, upgrading a home electrical service will enhance your lifestyle. An upgrade will give you adequate power to use multiple electrical appliances and modern conveniences without tripping circuit breakers. In addition, an upgraded electric service will protect your expensive appliances and electrical devices. Defective wiring can harm or ruin sensitive electronic equipment and make it necessary to repair or replace the damaged items.

When is a New Electrical Panel Needed?

It’s easy to become accustomed to the abnormal behavior of an electrical system over time, however this is a hazard that if left unchecked can result in a potentially terrible outcome. As a result, you should look for the signs that a new electrical panel may be warranted. Some indications include:

  • Fuses Frequently Blow Out, or Circuit Breakers Trip
  • Old-Fashioned Electrical Wiring
  • New Electrical Outlets Must Be Run for Modern Appliances
  • Regular Damage to Sensitive Devices Like Computers
  • Frequently Brownouts in Your Home or Business
  • Expanding Your Living or Office Area

With today’s electrical appliances and devices, upgrading to 200 Amp electrical service only makes sense. Among the many benefits of such an upgrade include:

Greater Capacity – An upgrade to a 200 Amp service will allow you to accommodate more devices at the same time. With today’s traditionally limited 100 Amp services it’s often necessary to perform a careful analysis to determine whether your electrical system can accommodate new devices such as an air-conditioner, hot tub or refrigerator. But when you have 200 Amp electrical service you have plenty of capacity. As a result, you enoy the capacity to operate all the lighting, equipment and appliances necessary to keep your home or business operating smoothly without a concern of balancing the load to avoid an overload. In addition, when new technological advances present opportunities to purchase innovative appliances and equipment, you’ll be ready by having the service required to operate those advanced devices.

More Flexibility – Upgrading your electrical service to 200 Amps will give you substantially more flexibility than you’d ever have with a lower capacity system. Avoiding the limitation of only running specific pieces of equipment together to avoid a power disruption is limiting and an upgrade to 200 Amp service will give you the necessary flexibility and convenience of operating any piece of equipment without giving it a second thought.

Greater Safety – Upgrading to a 200 Amp electrical service will typically give you the opportunity to improve the overall safety of your electrical system. Frequently electrical systems are seldom maintained adequately resulting in deterioration and unsafe conditions. An electrical service upgrade can help reduce the overall demands on an existing electrical system and reduce the possibility of a malfunction. Moreover, such an improvement can often lead to a increased property values which is always a welcome result.

Electricity can be an extremely efficient servant and allows the enjoyment of many modern conveniences. However old wiring can be unsafe or inadequate. At Martella Electric we routinely help homes and businesses eliminate hazards and upgrade their electrical services so that families and employees get the most from their homes and workplaces. Contact us today about upgrading to a 200 Amp service or any other need you may have.

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