Electrical Outlets: Installation & Replacement

If you have just moved into a new house or have grown beyond the capacity of your existing electrical system, Martella Electric can help you improve your home with new or upgraded outlets. Frequently many older homes are found to have only one or two electrical outlets in each room. While adequate at the time of construction, the needs of today’s families often demand more.

Benefits of Installing Outlets

When considering the installation of electrical outlets, many overlook the benefits they’ll receive by adding additional receptacles or upgrading existing outlets. Some of the common benefits homeowners find include:

  • Convenience – Most families have countless electrical appliances and equipment that require electricity to operate. Even cordless tools and other battery-operated items need electricity to charge their batteries.
  • Safety – When you do not have enough electrical outlets, you may be tempted to plug too many appliances into one circuit by using extension cords, power strips or other such devices. That practice could create a dangerous situation and possibly pose a fire hazard.
  • Adherence to Electrical Code – According to the National Electrical Code, all electrical outlets located in kitchens, bathrooms, crawlspaces, garages and outdoors must have GFCI protection. Those sites are more likely to be damp, have concrete or earthen floors or have moisture present, which exposes you to greater risk for electrical shock. Most codes also require GFCIs in outlets near swimming pools and whirlpools as well as in unfinished basements.

Common Reasons for Installing Outlets

House upgrades, renovation and repairs are among the most common reasons cited for the installation of electrical outlets. At Martella Electric, we find that most homeowners want the additional convenience of additional electrical outlets while maintaining or improving safety. Some of the most common applications for new outlets are:

  • Kitchen or Bathroom GFCI Outlets – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) can prevent electrical shocks. Required in specific areas of the home where electrical devices are used in proximity to water like kitchens and bathrooms, GFCI outlets are designed to protect people from electrical shock. GFCIs measure the amount of electricity going through the device and if they sense a fluctuation of more than 0.005 amps, they disconnect the power quickly enough to prevent serious injury. Understandably this a popular safety feature and GFCI outlet installation should be performed in every home.
  • Grounded Electrical Outlets – With an additional ground wire to carry electricity away in the event of a failure, grounded electrical outlets are a safety feature that every home should have. Offering an additional layer of safety, grounded outlets can be identified by the presence of three prongs, versus the ungrounded outlet which features only two. If your home was constructed before 1960, it’s likely that you have ungrounded outlets which can present a safety concern.
  • Outdoor Electrical Outlets – Many people are discovering the joys of spending more time outside on their decks or patios, and they usually appreciate having electricity available for various uses. In the summertime, they may use electric bug-zappers and fans; and stereos, radios or televisions are nice any time of the year. Strings of holiday lights surrounding decks or patios create lovely atmospheres, and brighter lights or lamps can illuminate the areas without the use of bonfires.
  • Entertainment Equipment – As entertainment equipment becomes more sophisticated and popular, you may acquire more gadgets that need electricity to run or recharge. It is neither safe nor convenient to have numerous cords and wires snaking along the floor, so it makes sense to install additional outlets to accommodate extra equipment.
  • Holiday Lights – No matter the occasion, holiday lights provide a special atmosphere that everyone will appreciate and an outdoor electrical outlet will make it creating your light displays easy. Outdoor GFCI outlets will ensure that your display will be as safe as it is attractive, whether it’s summer, winter, spring or fall.

Common Reasons for Replacing Electrical Receptacles

Electrical outlets are commonly very durable and can last for years, however they occasionally malfunction. At Martella Electric, we replace electrical outlets for a variety of reasons, several of which include:

  • Malfunction – Common use and age can cause an electrical outlet to malfunction, which requires the replacement of an electrical outlet. Often a malfunctioning outlet cannot only be a nuisance, but also a fire hazard so we regularly replace malfunctioning outlets to help homeowners enjoy their home while remaining safe.
  • Damage – Rough use and poor wiring can cause damage that requires the replacement of electrical outlets. Overheating and sparking are frequent symptoms of damaged electrical outlets with loose wire terminals or poor internal contacts. Needless to say, damaged receptacles should be repaired immediately to ensure continued service and eliminate any hazard.
  • Safety – Electricity offers incredible convenience and comfort, however it must be used carefully which requires a focus on safety. Damaged electrical outlets or receptacles that spark, feel hot or smoke are unsafe and require attention to ensure that a small inconvenience doesn’t develop into a much greater problem.

Whether you’re planning a major renovation of your home or you’d simply like to increase the number of electrical outlets in your house, Martella Electric can help. Contact us to help you improve the convenience and safety of your home by installing or replacing electrical outlets today.

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