Dimmer Switch Installation

Few electrical upgrades make as much of an impact as the installation of a dimmer switch. Perhaps the most effective way to create a mood, is through lighting. It can add a tremendous dimension. And all it takes is the installation of a dimmer switch where a small change can make a big impression. With the turn of a knob, flick of a switch or by pressing a remote-control button, you can instantly change the character of a room to suit your mood. The days of limitations in the types and styles of lighting are gone. Martella Electric can help you best understand how to transform an existing bland lighting style into something remarkable by simply installing a dimmer switch or other lighting controls.

Transform Any Room With Lighting Controls

Since every room in the house requires lighting, you can easily change the current lighting configuration to create dramatic new looks. Although we’ve installed dimmer controls in almost every location within the home, some of the most popular applications include:

  • Kitchen Lighting Controls – Every cook likes to have plenty of light when preparing a big meal or cleaning up after a meal, so having adjustable lighting controls can make a big difference. However, when it’s time to fix a light snack or enjoy a cup of tea, relaxing in softer lighting conditions will be a luxury that you’ll get used to. At Martella Electric, we find that cooks and families wonder how they ever existed without lighting controls in their kitchen once we’ve completed our work.
  • Family Room Dimmers – By definition, the living room is often where a great deal of time is spent. A multi-purpose room where a diverse set of activities is enjoyed, variable lighting is often required. Whether reading, watching television, or visiting with friends, the living room is a place where there’s lots of demand. There’s so much flexibility with the living room that by changing the lighting conditions, you can make it much more comfortable and inviting.
  • Dimmer Switches in Bedrooms – A great deal of time is spent in the bedroom and variable lighting can make that time much more enjoyable. Whether you want brighter light in areas for reading or softer lighting for a more romantic or restful ambiance, lighting controls can help you create the perfect environment. We often find that many homeowners appreciate having dimmer switches placed throughout the bedroom for maximum convenience.

Benefits of Dimmer Switches

Although traditional light switches can be found throughout the home, most homeowners are totally unaware of all the benefits that installing a dimmer switch can provide. Although there are quite a few, some of the most popular include:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Most people know how soft candlelight creates an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in a room. You can get the same effect without the risks that accompany open flames when you install dimmers for your lights. Dimmers allow you to transition from bright lighting to subdued lighting either instantly or gradually.
  • Save Electricity – You can save a significant percentage of your lighting costs when you regularly dim your lights. Dimmer controls make it easy to regulate lighting manually or automatically, and when it is so simple to lower the wattage used, you’ll be more likely to take advantage of that option.
  • Extend the Life of Light Bulbs – Light bulbs last longer when you use dimmer switches because softer lighting requires less wattage. Using only 25 or 50 watts of a 75-watt bulb naturally extends the life of the bulb accordingly. Light bulbs have the potential to last several years longer when you dim them, and dimmer switches make that a simple thing to do.

Dimmer Controls for Every Lifestyle

No matter what your preference, Martella Electric routinely installs dimmer switches and lighting controls that blend well with any décor. Whether you prefer a subtle look that will blend in with the surroundings or something more distinctive, we can install a wide variety of dimmer switches that will suit your needs. Some of the styles we’ve most recently installed include:

  • Slide Dimmers – Slide the controls until you reach your desired levels of illumination with switches that you can preset or slide to the off position.
  • Toggle Dimmers – Toggle dimmers have standard toggle switches, which use small sliders that allow you to vary the degree of brightness in your rooms.
  • Rocker Dimmers – Coordinate the design of rocker dimmers with other decorative rocker switches in your rooms and return lighting to your preset levels with smaller switches.
  • Tap Dimmers – Use button controls or touch pads to control a room’s lighting and return it to the level you preset. Most tap-dimmer controls show the current level of light with LEDs.
  • Scene-Selector Dimmers – Set your favorite levels of light and jump to those selections with multiple buttons on scene-selector dimmer controls.
  • Remote Dimmers – Adjust your level of lighting from anywhere in the room with remote dimmers. Some remotes feature programming and storing options for your favorite settings.

If you’d like to dramatically improve the functionality and atmosphere of your home, Martella Electric is ready to help. Our technicians can help you modernize your lighting systems with the installation of dimmer switches in one room or throughout the entire house. Contact us today to learn more about how lighting controls and dimmer switches can turn any house into a home.

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